Celltech Mobile Service

Repair facility

Complex range of repairing services

We provide a complex range of repairing services for almost all brands and models of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and game consoles.

Our mobile phones repair service is of a high standard, being handled by a team of skilled engineers an technicians. Our technicians are trained for level 1, 2 and 3 repair.

The technical mobile phones  repair services we offer includes:


  • Function tests
  • LCD problems
  • Charging faults, Power faults, Speaker or Microphone faults
  • Housing/chassis  replacement
  • Battery test (on Cadex tester)
  • Physical damage phones repair
  • Signal problems
  • Liquid damage treatment
  •  Software problems
  • SIM restriction removal
  • Resetting
  • Warranty for the operation done

Need repair services?

Contact us to discuss how our knowledge in  repair can improve your operation.