Celltech Mobile Service

Refurbishment process


Each product is rigorously and fully tested, repaired (if necessary), unlocked (if necessary), data wiped, refurbished to new (if requested) and packed for sale offering from a simple end-to-end processes through the more complex full refurbishment overhaul.


  • Stage 1 – Check-in – each unit is scanned and a unique code is allocated for online real time product tracking in our ERP system
  • Stage 2 – Each product will be fully function tested (tailored to each product/model functionality)
  • Stage 3 – Repaired,software upgraded & unlocked devices are re-tested to ensure full functionality
  • BER  products are dismantled for component re-use  or   WEEE compliant recycling.
  • Stage 4 – All products are data wiped in accordance with ISO  27001 : 2006 standard
  • Stage 5 – Housing replacement or Cleaning
  • Product grading in accordance with customers requirements
  • Stage 6 – QC  final check :  ALL devices are rigorously tested again to ensure full functionality and cosmetic grade conformity
  • Stage 7 – Products are boxed  ( in individual or bulk boxes ) ,palletized and readied for return shipment.
  • Stage 8 – Customer can collect, or CMS can arrange return transportation