Celltech Mobile Service

Fully accredited one stop disposal solution

Why refurbish, repair and recycle?

Electronic devices are a complex mixture of several hundred materials. Many of these contain toxic heavy metals such as lead,mercury,cadmium and hazardous chemicals such as brominated flame retardants. If they are not properly recycled then they will potentially harm the environment, and in turn harm us. 

By re-using the materials in the electronic devices, we limit the often destructive mining of new metals, including nickel, cadmium, lithium, cobalt, copper, coltan, iron, aluminium, titanium and many others. By recycling – we help avoid dangerous waste and toxins ending up in landfills and further polluting the earth. We also help with the reforestation of the planet, thereby offsetting the emission of tons of CO2 resulting from the manufacture of new electronic devices and their batteries.

Our main priority is to recover the unused or damaged handsets from consumers and to recondition and reuse them wherever possible. Whilst extending the life of the units, the reuse of the technology also offsets the mining and production of the materials necessary to produce additional handsets.

CMS implemented comprehensive quality and environmental management systems and procedures with clearly defined responsibilities, roles, goals and performance measures.

Our company has put in place specific procedures regarding WEEE which, along with the other procedures from the Quality and Environmental Management System, makes our products safe, both from an electrical and environmental impact perspective.

CMS clients have complete confidence that their electrical waste and data is treated and managed to the very best standards.

That is why we have developed an ISO approved A to Z zero landfill recycling and data destruction policy to guarantee our customers complete confidence and satisfaction every time they recycle.